Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New sense of direction

There was a woman on the MISS foundation board that contacted a NILMDTS photographer in their area, and got me to thinking. So I followed their lead and did the same thing the other day. Well today I met a lady who has been with the organization for almost 2 years, but Womack didn't know it existed. It took a couple who had already done research and known about NILMDTS, to tell the nursing staff, which led to them contacting the lady I met today. She has agreed to let me go to a session with her, and be there as someone with personal knowledge and sympathy.

I took photography in HS but have never done anything with it, and even though I am not on the caliber of a lot of those with personal studios...this I think I can do. To tell you the truth, I wouldnt be at all disappointed if its the only reason I used my picture taking skills. What is the wierdest thing though, is that since coming back home Ive had this amazing since of peace and calm wash over me.

I have an odd feeling this is the beginning of something wonderful in my life. I can feel the grey clouds parting and the sun beginning to shine through.