Monday, April 6, 2009

So I had a session with a medium

Well I think the reading went well...but now Im second guessing a few things I said. I thought i was being careful, I made a point to ask generic questions, or so i thought.

Anyway, Renee did have both my grandmothers there as well as the baby. Asked if something was wrong with her heart...I think thats maybe her sign she got for the fact that Eloras cord had a blood clot or the fact that it was during labor is when we found out there was no heartbeat. Because she also said that Elora was perfectly healthy in every way. The grandmother whose name we gave her, said she was beyond proud that we used it! That she never thought she was special enough to be honored like that.

I did ask about her eyes and hair since I wont get to see for myself, and she has my blue eyes and blonde hair. The baby is around us and I was right to assume the little white butterfly I kept seeing in the yard a couple weeks ago, was her. As far as getting pregnant again, she said don't be surprised if it does happen. She did see another one waitng in line to come to us. I dont think it'll be soon, cause she said just to relax and keep doing what Im doing. I dont need to do IVF or anything like that.

Im looking forward to another reading soon. Fifteen minutes just isnt long enough, and I forgot a couple questions anyway.