Saturday, December 27, 2008


Its just been a really bad week. Emotional breakdowns, sad holidays, and low milk supply. I think the milk is partially due to my cold Ive been fighting for a week, and the fact that my good double pump has broken. I am forced to use my old single Evenflo which just isnt cutting it. Im lucky to get 3-4 oz a day!! When not 2 weeks ago I was getting anywhere from 6-9.

I thought about stopping, but that was the night of the emotional breakdown. I realy needed to talk to V to see what she had to say, or maybe even give me the strength to make the decision and get me thru it. I know it's mine alone to make, but the baby is what keeps me going and who is dependent on my liquid gold. She is so much a stronger person than she believes she is i think. V has overcome so much and I'd love to have her to lean on whenever either I, we, or my breasts decide it's over.

But for now I am going gung-ho and am bound and determined to do my best to get my milk back up to what it was. Ive got some new herbs, eating my oatmeal, and will be back on my lactation meds in less than 2 weeks! Please call me Mama!!

Wishing the rest of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!