Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busy work

Well I volunteered to make a website and a forum for the Agape support group I have been going to on base. It's my thing, and it gives me something to do besides play WoW. I'd love to post the link here, but I'm afraid of future confidentiality once the board is up and running. Someone who is reading this months or possibly years later, would then be linked to it well after it's been posted on etc.

I have so many things to catch up on here I may just have one giant post today instead of 3 or 4....I dont know I havent decided yet.

What i didnt get fired up about yet, is the fact that I lost the dress on eBay and when I tried to kindly ask the woman who won it if I could have it, she essentially told me to fuck off. So then I found another one similar to it, that I had seen at Sears last weekend. Managed to miss the closing and the first and only bidder won it as well for only eight dollars! Looks like I'm going to Sears tomorrow to buy my baby the Christmas dress she'll never get to wear.