Thursday, November 13, 2008

My new baby

I have also decided to get a reborn doll. Which is a doll made to look like a real baby. Lots of women just collect them, use them to recapture their grown children/grand children, or like me use them to hold their baby longer than they got to. I've heard that some of the more realistic ones have even triggered the chemical let down reflex in lactating Mommys. Which was my initial reason for wanting one in the first place. So far all I have managed to create for this purpose is a little outfit I sewed the arms and legs shut on and filled with poly beads. Not sure it has helped me let down, but I like the weight of it when I do carry it from the bedroom to the living room, and have it snuggled next to me in bed. (Insert crazy woman joke here and possibly look up the number for the psychiatrist)

Here are a few examples of the womans work I've decided to purchase from. What floored me was the skin detail, its also what won me over as far as a buyer.

To check out her other babies go check out her nursery.
Starlight Starbright Nursery